Create an Intelligent, Digital Business

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A New Take On

Knowledge Management

Project Bespin is a code name for Neudesic's next generation, cloud based offering for high performance management of experience and knowledge. We created this to help organizations leverage internal knowledge as a strategic differentiator.

In today’s world, massive amounts of information get generated every single day. We know it is painful to sift through countless repositories, only to turn up empty-handed or with false positives. Sometimes, work is repeated because we can't find what or who we need when we need it. Isn't it tedious and frustrating?


Our mission is to transform how a firm creates, shares and reuses knowledge to help organizations make better decisions and reduce work.


We are shifting the ordinary


Experience Management

Manage Firm Experience

Deliver proof of attorney and partner experience to win more business. You can also easily capture client and matter profile information.


Expertise Location

Locate Expertise Quickly

Decrease the time it takes to locate the right people with the right experience, skills or relationships. You’ll be able to know exactly who knows what at your firm.


Firm Knowledge

Leverage Firm Knowledge

Build proposal pursuit teams and simplify RFP responses, pitch materials and directory submissions by finding the right experts to build a team. Additionally, leverage winning proposals and past experience to generate business.

Get the right information at the right time

Create an Intelligent, Digital Business

Project Bespin provides users with the ability to explore their organization's key knowledge and leverage internal experience as a strategic differentiator.

We have the goal of reinveting experience for knowledge management, using intelligent assistants and ambient knowledge, to create intelligent, digital businesses where the right information is given to the right person at the right time.


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